The Nevada Quarter Horse Association is a regional affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association.  Organized in 1968, NQHA is dedicated to supporting and promoting the versatility of the American Quarter Horse in Nevada.  We are a state wide association that hosts a wide variety of events including Horse Shows, Trail Rides, Educational Seminars, Clinics and much more!  We also sponsor events for horses of all breeds.  So, whether you are a first-time horse owner or a confirmed enthusiast, NQHA welcomes you.

NQHA offers a variety of programs to suit everyone’s needs.  There is horse showing, racing, trail riding and the ever growing popular Versatility Ranch Horse contest.  Wherever your interest falls, we provide our members with diverse activities and many great resources for you to enjoy your horse.

We offer an All Breed program that is designed to honor the horse enthusiast that doesn’t necessarily own a Quarter Horse. If you own a horse and would like the opportunity to participate in these exciting events or even if you don’t own a horse but would like the opportunity to learn or be a part of an expanding organization, then this is the club for you.

Why become a member?  Your membership and involvement in the NQHA will make the horse community more vibrant, more meaningful and more….valuable!

NQHA is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience for your membership.  We continually strive to offer the highest quality events and programs.

So saddle up and join the NQHA membership today!!!

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